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Security for your computer without sacrificing speed


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Ashampoo Anti-Virus is a tool designed to protect your PC from any malware or suspicious element that tries to attack your computer. At first glance, it may seem like this is just another antivirus program in the market, but this time, you don't have to sacrifice your computer's speed for protection.

This antivirus program is made up of a powerful protector that reliably automatizes and updates the system's status in order to detect all of the Internet's security threats.

The program automatically detects viruses and neutralizes them without constantly interacting with the user. This is achieved without reducing the performance and speed at which the system works.

Ashampoo Anti-Virus, in addition to scanning and cleaning your PC with incredible precision thanks to a multi-motor, quarantines suspicious files, confirms host files, permanently destroys files and deletes your Internet browser history, among other functions.

Whenever Ashampoo Anti-Virus detects a malicious file from a user that you trust, you can add them to the 'Whitelist' in order to exclude them from analysis. Likewise, it always recognizes web pages that are not very secure and automatically manages all security problems upon activating 'Game Mode'.

- 10-day free trial version.
- Trial version can be extended to 30 days prior to free registration.

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